Overview of Rock Gym Pro settings

Once you install Rock Gym Pro you will want to adjust the settings to reflect your facility. Here is an overview of the settings you will need to edit before using the software in your facility. Please note that each checkbox has an operational consequence. If you have any questions, please contact RGP support at support@rockgympro.com. Here is a brief overview of the Settings window:

  • Facility information: Update your contact information, logo, and your access to premium features
  • Payment gateway information: Update your payment gateway information, credit card settings, billing dates, and surcharges
  • Customer check-in settings: Set your climbing proficiency levels, check-in alerts, punch card settings, and check-in options
  • Waiver requirements: Set waiver expiration dates and custom policies
  • Membership options: Specify EFT dues, contract options, and other membership settings
  • Discount settings: Add discount settings and set restrictions for who can apply a discount
  • Sales tax settings: Adjust your sales tax options
  • Workstation settings: Assign your printer and cash drawer to the workstation



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