v1.1.134163 - Released to Cloud and Local Users week of 08/28/23

Update: 08/29/23 - Being released to ALL RGP Cloud Users and Locally Hosted Users.

If you are using the locally hosted version of RGP, to install this update launch Data Entry and go to: Manage -> About -> Check for Updates

What's in this release? 

Major Changes

Misc. Updates and Fixes

  • “Additional Scan Card” punch card customers can now be linked to punch balances held by customers who are not configured with the Customer Type “Punch Card”. For example, kids could be configured as Additional Scan Card punch card customers, who draw from punches assigned to a parent who is a member.
  • Added support for Australian EFTPOS cards for Australian customers using our Stripe Custom payment integration.
  • Added a new Customer Query condition “Calendar : Events - Booked/Participated X number of times”. This condition will allow you to identify customers who have participated in specific calendar offerings a certain number of times in a date range, e.g. customers who took a yoga class between 5 and 10 times in July.
  • Additional logging for automated backups.
  • Fixed a bug in the Z-Out Reconciliation process for Cloud users in Canada who accept Interac payments through Rock Gym Pro.
  • Fixed a bug to ensure the employee responsible for a retail restock is logged.
  • Fixed a bug within the Zapier integration that returned a “Data too long for column” error.
  • Added an automated “retry” to billing actions that are interrupted by extremely rare issues caused by downloading online transactions while running billing.
  • Moved automated data analysis actions so that they wouldn’t run immediately upon restart, which was interfering with some facilities that start the software right as they open for business.
  • Minor changes to report titles in Data Entry > Reporting > General Reports to ensure that terms are used consistently across all reports.
  • Made the Remote Database Status dialog in Data Entry resizable so that customers with many locations could more easily see all of them at once.
  • Added internal logging for manual staff cancellation of credit card transactions, so we can better diagnose rare issues caused by canceling transactions as they are being run.
  • Made a change to automatically dismiss persistent error messages caused by database deadlocks when the database is able to resolve the deadlocks without customer intervention.
  • Users must now click on the checkbox to select/de-select options within Rock Gym Pro’s Remote Database Control Panel. Previously, users could click on either the checkbox or the corresponding explainer text, which resulted in some accidental changes to settings due to imprecise clicks.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the calendar to open the wrong event if you double-clicked on the instructor's name.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could process billing payments via the wrong payment account in a multi-gym organization if a staff member collected a remote balance on a customer record and then immediately ran a billing collection event without navigating away from the billing window.
  • Allow the Next Billing Date as an option when choosing a Termination or Freeze date for future status changes.
  • Updated how staff records are handled so that Dues on a given staff member are no longer synchronized across their customer records at all locations. This allows staff members paying recurring dues at a specific location, like youth program fees, to be billed correctly.
  • Special Customer Request: Moved Online Transactions button over 1px to align with the rest of the contents on the screen.
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