Overview of 3rd party payment gateway providers

Rock Gym Pro will manage all of your POS and membership transactions, but the actual processing of the credit card or ACH check draft must happen through a 3rd party payment gateway. Here is an overview of the third-party payment gateways that have been integrated into the software. Establishing an account with each of these vendors is easy while their fees are competitive with other vendors in the market.----------------------------------------------

RGP Stripe Custom Integration
(RGP Stripe Custom is currently integrated in the US, UK, Canada, all countries in the European Union, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong)

RGP Stripe Custom is a custom integration between the payment processor Stripe and Rock Gym Pro. With this integration, facilities now have the option to use this fully integrated processor for EFT monthly billing, point of sale terminal* transactions, and online transactions. This means ONE payment processor and ONE deposit to reconcile to RGP reports (apart from optional ACH payments) - simplifying your payment processing and saving you time!
(*Stripe POS Terminals are currently only available in the US, Canada, and the UK. External terminals can also be used with RGP.)

For more information on this integration check out the support article Stripe Custom Integration.
If you have any questions about this integration or are ready to create an RGP Stripe Custom account reach out to support@rockgympro.com.

US & Canadian Facilities can also use
OpenEdge Integrated Processing 
Point of Sale & Membership Billing (available in the U.S. and Canada Only)
Another option for facilities in the US and Canada is a processing company called OpenEdge (OE). OE is integrated with RGP for POS transactions, and billing credit card transactions. If you use OpenEdge and are on an RGP Premium paid plan you will still use Stripe Custom for online sales. If you are a multigym already using OpenEdge for one location, you will need to create a new OE account for additional facilities.

See our XCharge by OpenEdge article for details on creating an OpenEdge account. Please note an OE Application can take several weeks to process.

* Canadian facilities, please note the OE EMV Terminals that are integrated with RGP do not support Interac Payments, but Stripe Terminals do, or you can use a nonintegrated 3rd party POS terminal.

ACHWorks Direct Debit
EFT Membership Billing (US Only)

RGP is integrated with ACHWorks to process direct debits from your member's bank accounts. Your members provide you with their routing and account numbers and their membership dues are deducted from their checking or savings account. ACH direct debits have lower processing rates than credit cards with a low flat rate fee per transaction.
Click to download the ACHWorks ACH processing application

You can also contact ACHWorks at 916-638-8811 (option 1) for specific questions regarding ACH processing (be sure to mention you are using the RGP integration during the call). Please note the ACHWorks application can take several weeks to be approved.

Direct Debits outside of the US
For facilities not in the U.S, you can use a third-party direct debit processor but use RGP to track the customers and payments. We call this a “Mock/Simulated Billing” process. Here is a support article with a short video tutorial on this process. 

Stripe Standard Integrations
RGP Stripe Custom (listed above) is not integrated with all the countries that Stripe supports. A list of countries supported by Stripe is available at https://www.stripe.com/global

Stripe Standard payment processing is available for integrated membership billing and online booking transactions in numerous countries outside of the US. Documentation on the integrated Stripe membership billing is available. 
Please reach out to RGP Support with any questions at support@rockgympro.com 

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