XCharge / XWeb Payment Processing by OpenEdge

For Customers in the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia:

We've recently developed a new payments integration, RGP Stripe CustomThis integration allows us to act as the middleman between facilities and Stripe, which means we can offer customized rates, powerful support, fully automated and integrated terminals, and the ability to consolidate all payments to one processor. If you are interested in this integration and are not in one of the above countries, feel free to reach out as there may still be an RGP Stripe Custom option available.

U.S. Facilities:
With this integrated payment gateway, you can process POS credit card payments and membership billing from your Rock Gym Pro workstation.  

Canadian Facilities:

For integrated credit card processing, facilities in Canada will need to use the EMV option via OpenEdge while using a separate terminal for debit processing. You can also choose to use a stand-alone terminal for all POS transactions, and just use OpenEdge for recurring Membership billing.

Interested in using OpenEdge?
Contact OpenEdge to get a rate quote/start an application. Call 888-427-2260 option 1 or email your contact information to startnow@openedgepay.com.

When contacting OpenEdge be sure to:

  • Specify you are integrating with Rock Gym Pro and would like to use their XWeb product.
  • Ask if you are eligible for a 1 am batch time; this will batch all of your daily transactions together so that when reconciling, your deposits will match your daily sales.
  • Ask if you are eligible for 1-day batches; this will allow for deposits to be settled to your account 1 day after the batch closes (i.e. if transactions happen on Monday, batch closes at 1 am Tuesday, it is deposited on Wednesday).




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