Adding and editing automated reminder emails for a specific offering

In addition to the default automated reminder email you can add a specific reminder message customized for each offering. This is a great way to remind participants just before the event to bring a certain type of equipment, wear certain clothes or to arrive early to set up.

  1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
  2. Click on the Schedules tab.
  3. Click on the offering you would like to edit and click the Edit button. This will bring up the Edit Offering window.
  4. In the Edit Offering window click the Reminder Emails tab.
  5. Click the checkbox to set up the email.
  6. You can specify the following options:
  • How many days ahead of the event to send the reminder email
  • Whether or not to send a reminder email for all sessions of a multisession event or just once
  • Whether to send a reminder email to just the bookee or to all participants under a booking
  • Whether to use the default email subject and body from the calendar settings. If this box is not clicked you can create a custom subject line and email body.

  • Click Close to finish.


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