Walkthrough for creating a recurring class offering

To show you how to create a recurring class offering let’s do an example walkthrough. In this example we want to create an after school program that meets once a week on Tuesday for four weeks, starting at the beginning of the month. The session takes place from 4:30-6:00pm, requires our youth instructor as required staff for this offering and can accept 30 students. The program costs $140 per participant. The first session begins on September 6th and the last one ends on May 31st.

Let’s get started! The first thing to do is to create the offering itself.

1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
2. Click on the Schedules tab.
3. Click the Add button and select Add Offering. Give the offering a title (we called ours After School Program) and click OK.

Now let’s define the days and times the after school offering is available to book. We want to make it available to book on the first Tuesday of each month.

4. With the offering selected, click the Add Rule button to bring up the Edit Repeating Rule window. Check Nth Week of Month and select Tue and Week 1. Select Date Range Start Date of September 6th, and End Date of May 31st. Click OK.
5. Click Add Time. Select Time Slot, a starting time of 4:30pm and a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes. Click OK. This is Session #1.
6. Now we need to add the three following sessions. Click the Add Session button to create a new session; this will place Session #2 on the calendar for the next day. Drag and drop it down to the next Tuesday. You can also right click on the session, select Edit Session, and enter an offset of 7 days.
7. Click Add Session again to create Session #3. Drag and drop it down to the third Tuesday.
8. Click Add Session once more to create Session #4. Drag and drop it down to the fourth Tuesday. The Repeat Rules window should show the following rule:

Next, let’s set the number of participants for this offering.

9. With the offering selected, click the Edit button at the top left of the screen. This will bring up the Edit Offering window. Click the Booking tab. Enter 30 for Maximum # of participants.


Next we can assign our youth instructor to this offering.

10. While still in the Edit Offering window click the Staffing tab. Click the Choose button and find your instructor.
11. Enter 1 for Default minimum number of instructors.

Finally, let’s assign pricing for the offering.

12. While still in the Edit Offering window click the Pricing tab and click the Offering has a price attached.
13. Click Choose to select a booking product.
14. Click Add to assign the pricing rule. Give the rule a name and click OK to bring up the Pricing Rule window.
15. Under the Pricing for this rule tab check All participant types share the same pricing and then click the Change button to bring up the Participant Pricing window.
16. Click Edit to bring up the Pricing Element window and edit the existing rule.
17. Select To Unlimited and enter $0 for Fixed Amount and $140.00 for Additional Participants. Click OK.
18. Click Close to close the Participant Pricing window and click OK to close the Pricing Rule window.
19. Click Close to finish editing the offering.

TIPIf you have resource like a fitness room you will need for part of the program make sure to assign it as a resource to the offering. Other steps you may want to take are to restrict how close to the date a offering can be bookedrequire a deposit or full payment at booking, and set up the online presentation for the offering. 

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