Walkthrough for creating a one-time competition offering

To show you how to create a one-time competition offering let’s do an example walkthrough. In this example we want to offer a single day competition with three categories (Pro, Recreation, Youth) for male and female. The competition takes place June 18 from noon to 8pm and is limited to 60 entrants. It costs $50 to enter.

Let’s get started! The first thing to do is to create the offering itself.

1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
2. Click on the Schedules tab.
3. Click the Add button and select Add Offering. Give the offering a title (we called ours Summer Competition) and click OK.

Now let’s add the day and time the offering is available to book.

4. With the offering selected, right click the mouse on June 18 and select Add Fixed Event. Select a starting time of 12:00pm and a duration of 8 hours and then click OK.

Next, let’s
set the maximum number of participants for this offering.

5. With the offering selected, click the Edit button at the top left of the screen. This will bring up the Edit Offering window. Click the Booking tab. Enter 60 for Maximum # of participants.

Now let’s create our categories. We’ll do so by creating a custom question.

6. While still in the Booking tab, click the Configure Participants Question tab to open the Custom Questions window.
7. Click the Add button and then Edit. In the Online Question Display tab make the question visible online and call the question “Please select your category:”.
8. Click the Answer Details tab and select the Choose One answer type. Require that an answer must be selected. Click the Add button and enter content for a choice; click OK to save that choice. Repeat until you’ve created all three male categories and all three female categories. Click OK to save the question, and then close to exit the Custom Questions window.

Now let’s assign pricing for the offering.

9. Now that we’re back in the Edit Offering window, click the Pricing tab and click the Offering has a price attached.
10. Click Choose to select the booking product.
11. Click Add to assign the pricing rule. Give the rule a name and click OK to bring up the Pricing Rule window.
12. Under the Pricing for this rule tab check All participant types share the same pricing and then click the Change button to bring up the Participant Pricing window.
13. Click Edit to edit the existing rule and then Edit again to bring up the Pricing Element window.
14. Select To Unlimited, enter $0 for Fixed Amount and $50.00 for Additional Participants. Click OK.
15. Click OK to close the Pricing Rule window.
16. Click Close to finish editing the offering.

If you have a resource like a party room you need for part of the competition make sure to assign it as a resource to the competition. 


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