Reservation Time Slot Bookings

If you are on a Premium Paid Plan, you can use the RGP Calendar to manage the number of people at your facility at a given time. The Calendar tool gives you the flexibility to:

  • Create customized reservation time slots that your customers can book online
  • Limit capacity of participants for time slots and limit when customers can book online
  • Create different pricing rules based on participant types
  • Present reservation time slots for different areas of your facility (e.g., top rope vs bouldering areas)
  • Allow your customers to see number of reservation slots available

* Premium plan is required. Contact RGP Support to upgrade. 

23 Minute Overview/Set Up Video 


How To Set It Up

1. From the main calendar window, click Manage Schedule and then Schedules.

2. Click on the Add button to create a Top Level Category for the the Time Slot Offering
(Note: Do not add a subcategory to your Master Calendar list.)



3. Create an Offering
Create an Offering with Gym Hours as the required Resource. This Resource can have a max participant count based on your local jurisdiction’s COVID-19 gathering restrictions.

In the example below, there is a maximum capacity of 100 participants during the 2-hour slot.



4. Booking Tab
Add your Participant Type with min/max values, along with any Participant Level questions.



5. Pricing Tab: 
If you’re creating a Time Slot for members, you do not need to add a price for the reservation. If you are creating a Time Slot for drop-ins, you can configure your pricing rules.

6. Configure Remaining Tabs
The remaining tabs can be configured to your specifications: Web Widget, Booking Confirmation, Reservation Reminders, Thank you Emails.


Below is an example of how Onsight Climbing in Tennessee uses the Calendar for reserving 2-hour time slots on their website.


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