Setting up a Groupon offering via Promotions

If you have a Groupon or similar offering that gives a discounted price for a product, you can set that up in the Promotions window. Unlike a coupon promotion, you will want to specify that each unique code can only be used once.   

  1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
  2. At the bottom of the screen click the Promotions button to bring up the Promotions window.
  3. Click the Add button. This will bring up the Edit Promotion window.
  4. Select the Codes tab. Enter all Groupon codes you wish to use for this promotion by placing one code per line. All codes will be converted to uppercase, but will not be case sensitive when entered. Codes must be one word only with no spaces, using only letters, numbers or hyphens.
  5. Click Limit each code to a single use.
  6. Select the Properties tab. Use the custom pricing rules in the Discount Details section to specify the discounted price.  
  7. Click OK to finish. Now, when one of these codes is entered the customer will receive the discounted price while the code can only be used once.
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