Running a booking count report

You can create a report to see how many bookings you have for specific offerings or your entire list of offerings, helping you track which events are creating the most revenue.

  1. From the main calendar window click the Reports/Grids button and select Booking/Check-In/Sales - Counts and Totals.
  2. Select the offering type to see the schedule for one type of event, or the top level category to see all offerings under that category.
  3. Choose the date range you wish to review, or use one of the buttons next to the dates to select a specific time span. If you change the date manually, you may need to click the Update Results button to run the report again. You can choose whether the dates displayed are for when the offerings were booked or when the offerings take place. You can also choose to display category totals and participant types.

  4. The report will tell you the number of bookings, participants, check-ins and sales for the offering and date range you selected.
  5. Use the buttons at the bottom to print the report, open it in Excel or save as a .CSV file.
  6. Click Close to finish.



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