Walkthrough for creating a weekly class offering

To show you how to create a weekly class offering let’s do an example walkthrough. In this example we want to make a weekly yoga class for every Tuesday from 5:30-6:30 pm. This class requires the fitness room as a resource. This is a free drop in class, so we won’t need to assign pricing, but we will want to assign our yoga instructor as required staff for this offering.

Let’s get started! The first thing to do is to create the offering itself.

1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
2. Click on the Schedules tab.
3. Click the Add button and select Add Offering. Give the offering a title (we called ours Yoga Class) and click OK.

Now let’s define the days and times the yoga class offering is available.

4. With the offering selected, click the Add Rule button to bring up Edit Repeating Rule window. Check Days of Week and select Tue. Click OK.
5. Click Add Time. Select Time Slot, a starting time of 5:30 pm and a duration of 1 hour. Click OK.

Next, let’s assign the fitness room to this offering so that it gets booked as the same time as the offering.

6. With the offering selected, click the Edit button at the top left of the screen. This will bring up the Edit Offering window. In the Schedule tab go to the section called Resource Use and Dependence and select the fitness room by checking the box next to its name under the Requires column.
7. Under the When column we’ll accept the default setting of reserving the room for the entire event.
8. Check the Reserve checkbox to reserve the room from being booked by any other event at this time, even though there are no bookings for this event.

Finally, let’s assign our yoga instructor to this offering.

10. While still in the Edit Offering window click the Staffing tab. Click the Choose button and find your instructor.
11. Enter 1 for Default minimum number of instructors.
12. Click Close to finish editing the offering.


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