RGP Cloud Client FAQ

What is the RGP Cloud Client?
The RGP Cloud Client is a lightweight application used to connect to your cloud server.  After creating cloud users/seats, you will enter these credentials into the cloud client to access the cloud.  

>> Download the most recent version of the RGP Cloud Client


Which operating systems work with the RGP Cloud Client? 
The RGP Cloud Client is a Windows-based application and can be run on a Windows operating system only. However, using Microsoft Remote Desktop you can access your Dashboard from a Mac to view reports and perform other back-office duties.

POS hardware is not accessible using a Mac at this time.


What do the Local Export and Local Export buttons do? 
These buttons allow you to add a workstation connection for multiple Windows users on the same machine. When you save an encrypted Connection File in a network folder, you can then log in to the other Windows user account and import that Connection File into the RGP Cloud Client application. Now both Windows users have access to this workstation seat on a single machine.



How do I add a connection in the Connection Profile to access my cloud host?
You can manually add a Connection Profile by following the steps in this support article - Accessing Your Cloud Host.  

You can also use the Connection File (See “What is a Connection File?” from the Cloud Dashboard FAQ).


I am currently using Windows 7 and experiencing frequent disconnects. What can I do?
We strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10.  If you are unable to upgrade your operating system, there are a couple of settings that may help with connection issues.  

1) From Options->General Settings: Select Enable keep-alive mouse moves.

2) Keep the RGP Cloud window in full-screen mode.



Why am I having trouble receiving my 2FA code via text message?
The delivery of text messages can be a fickle thing with some cellular providers. If after several attempts you do not receive the necessary 2FA codes, please contact support@rockgympro.com 


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