RGP Cloud Preview FAQ

What do I need to configure in Cloud Preview mode?
RGP Cloud Preview mode allows you to configure and test your cash drawer, receipt printer, and web camera prior to going live in the cloud. This support article covers the Cloud Migration Preview Period.


I am running RGP in a multi-gym configuration. Can I move one facility out of Cloud Preview mode before the others?
No, all multi-gyms need to move to the cloud during a specified day/time. 


Why are some features unavailable in Cloud Preview mode?
Web-based features in RGP like the Calendar and Online Membership Offerings, are not available in RGP Cloud Preview mode because real-time data is not being used in Preview mode and therefore not in sync. 


Why is my Online Group Key not entered in Settings?
While you are in Cloud Preview mode, the Online Group Key is deliberately missing from Settings. DO NOT ENTER YOUR ONLINE GROUP KEY WHILE IN CLOUD PREVIEW MODE! When the online group key is entered in preview mode, waivers are automatically sent to the cloud. Because the data being used in Preview mode is not saved, these waivers would be unusable later on. 

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