RGP Cloud Dashboard FAQ

What is the RGP Cloud Dashboard?
Organization Admins can access the Cloud Dashboard at https://app.rgprocloud.net. This secure RGP web page allows managers/owners to create, edit, and manage an organization’s cloud seats.


What is the Organization Admin?
The Organization Admin has full access to all features within the online Cloud Dashboard. They have the ability to create, edit, and delete cloud seats as well as send password reset emails to users with a personal seat. The Org Admin can also unpair personal seats, create new one-time passwords for workstation seats, and are able to view a full login history for auditing purposes.


What is an RGP Cloud Seat?
A Cloud Seat is similar to a unique login (Username/Password) that is required to access RGP Cloud. Each seat is secured one of two ways

1. Specifically paired to a physical computer (e.g.; “FRONTDESK1”)
2. A second-factor authentication code (2FA) that is texted to a cell phone.

Only one computer/person can use an individual seat at the same time.


What is a Personal Seat?
A Personal Seat is a seat used by a single person and can move from computer to computer (e.g., a manager using a laptop at home or multiple back-office computers). Because a Personal Seat is tied to an individual cell phone for text message security access (2FA), only ONE person can use a Personal Seat


What is a Workstation Seat?
A Workstation Seat is a seat used by one computer and shared by multiple users on the same computer (e.g., a Front Desk or Check-in computer). Workstation Seats are secured by a random password that is assigned during the initial connection. This password is safely stored and encrypted on the workstation.  Because no human knows this password (not even RGP support), this seat is limited to ONE workstation only.


Can a workstation seat be moved to a new computer?  
Yes. A new one-time password would need to be generated through the Cloud Dashboard and then connected to the new workstation.




Can I have more than one Organization Admin?

What is a Group Admin?
Larger organizations with multiple facilities may want to group their cloud seats by facility.  If cloud seats are grouped this way a Group Admin can be created that has the ability to create, edit, and delete cloud seats BUT only for the specific group they are assigned to.


I have multiple facilities, can one personal seat access all databases?
Yes, if you have multiple facilities that you manage, you can log in to any of them with the same personal seat.  The Username and Password will stay the same and you will change the DNS Endpoint and Port to the proper location within your connection profiles.


I’m having trouble logging in to my Cloud Dashboard at app.rgprocloud.net. The login button won’t click, the password won’t work, etc.
First, confirm your Username and Password are correct. Remember your Username will have a prefix associated with your organization and passwords have strict parameters, minimum of 12 characters, double-check you entered it correctly.  Perform a hard page refresh as some of the page elements may not have loaded correctly - for Google Chrome hit Ctrl+Shift+R.  A quick internet search will tell you how you perform a hard page refresh on your respective web browser.


A user has forgotten their password, how do they reset it?
The Organization Admin can log in to the Cloud Dashboard and send a reset password email to the user.  The user will be able to create a new password after verifying the 2FA code.


What if I just want to change my password?
If you know your original password, you can change it through the RGP Cloud Client, found on your local computer.  

  1. Highlight the Connection Profile
  2. Select Edit
  3. Change the password



If you forget your password, the Organization Administrator can send a Reset Password Email.  


What's the difference between Facilities and Groups?
Each location in your organization is a Facility.  The Facilities menu will list the DNS Endpoint and Port for each location.

A Group is assigned to each facility for access privileges and as a way to subcategorize your seats. Multi-gym organizations will have a Group for each location. This way, seats can be assigned to specific Groups and will only have access to those facilities. Seats can also be assigned to multiple facilities.   


What is a Connection File?
Connection Files are attached to the “RGP Cloud Seat Creation” email that is sent to users when an Organization Admin creates a personal seat for them. 

An Organization Admin can also download a Connection File from the RGP Cloud Dashboard to easily set up a connection within the RGP Cloud Client application on a computer. To do this, drag and drop the downloaded connection file into the cloud client and all of the login information (with the exception of the password) will be populated.

>> View a brief video of this process.



Can I use a Mac computer with RGP cloud?
Yes, you will need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store first. You will then be able to open a remote connection via the Cloud Dashboard - app.rgprocloud.net/login.  Once logged in, follow the steps in this support article: Using a Mac with RGP Cloud.


What is the DNS Endpoint? What is the Port?
These are unique credentials assigned to your facility that are required to access your Cloud server.  These can be found by clicking the Facilities tab from your RGP Cloud Dashboard.




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