How to Import Scanned Documents with RGP Cloud

Rock Gym Pro supports the ability to scan and store customer documents such as waivers and membership forms. When you're using RGP Cloud, the process of importing and attaching those scanned documents is different than when you're using the locally hosted installed version of Rock Gym Pro.

How to Attach Scanned Docs with RGP Cloud

  1. Bulk Scan your documents to individual PDF files with your scanner and save the files locally on your computer. If your scanner does not have the ability to do this, we recommend purchasing a Fujitsu ScanSnap (starting at around $250).

  2. Copy & paste these files to a folder on your RGP Cloud client.
  • Select all files from your local folder and copy ('Ctrl+c')
  • Flip over to your RGP Cloud Desktop and paste ('Ctrl+v')
  1. From Data Entry in Rock Gym Pro select View > Document Scanning and Classification


  2. Click on the Bulk Import button and then Add Files.

  3. Find the documents you'd like to add and click Open and then Import Now.

Your documents have now been imported.

Important: To avoid filling up your RGP Cloud disk space, be sure to delete the scanned documents from your Cloud Desktop and empty the Recycle Bin.





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