Restricting Amex and Discover card brands with RGP Stripe Custom

As of August 1, 2023, RGP Stripe Custom users have the ability to restrict Amex or Discover Cards through the Rock Gym Pro Payments Portal. Facilities may choose to restrict these card brands if they process at a higher interchange rate.

Log into to and under the account detail page, you will see the Supported Card Brands section. By default, both Amex and Discover are allowed. Simply, turn off the cards you do not want to accept. 

If a customer attempts to use a disabled card brand at the POS your staff will see this error message, "Error 422 Card Type Not Accepted" and the staff can ask the customer to use a different card.


If the customer attempts to store a restricted card for monthly billing in person by swiping their Amex/Discover card, or if an employee is manually typing the card in a similar error will appear "RGP Payment API Error 422 Card Type Not Accepted"

Please note: The customer will still be able to enter their Amex/Discover card on the online membership change request form, however, the error will appear when you attach the card to the customer record and they will need to provide another card type. You may want to update your message on your online membership request form to mention that you do not accept those card types for monthly billing.


Disabling a card type on the payments dashboard will not erase any previously stored cards of that type on the account. This ensures billing will not be interrupted for those customers. The setting change will prevent additional customers from submitting those types of cards that you have disabled. 

To create a list of customers that have used Amex or Discover for monthly billing previously go to RGP Data Entry - View - Find Transaction - Payments tab. Set the Method to Amex or Discover and click Search Payments. Then sort the products to identify if any monthly dues were paid via Amex. You can then export that list to Excel by clicking Print Report - Open in Excel to have staff contact those customers to provide new cards for billing.


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