Stripe ACH Refunds

Version 134156 includes a feature that allows for Stripe ACH payments to be refunded through RGP. 


ACH Direct Debit refunds operate differently than credit card refunds:

  • Refunds for ACH Direct Debit payments can only be initiated within 180 days from the date of the original payment. ACH payments made beyond 180 days in the past cannot be refunded.

  • A refund can only be processed after the payment process has completed. If the payment fails, the full or partial refund is marked as canceled in RGP because the money was never debited from the customer’s bank account to refund.

  • When issuing a refund, you should inform your customer immediately that the refund typically takes 3 business days to arrive in their bank account.

    • Please note, If you proactively issue your customer a refund while the customer’s bank also initiates the dispute process, your customer may receive two credits for the same transaction. There is no way to recollect a duplicate refund through RGP or Stripe.

    • ACH Disputes are immediately refunded by the bank and cannot be countered.
  • These refunds will be processed as a credit and will include a reference to the payment descriptor for the original payment.

  • To partially refund a billed ACH payment ring up the customer in the POS, select the product and amount and when you click Tender, use the 'credit card' button in POS, same as regular stripe credit card partial refunds. 
  • The transaction source on a Stripe ACH Refund is always STRIPE/ACH regardless if it was processed as a full refund on the customer invoice and payment history, or as a partial refund at the POS.

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