Stripe Custom partial refunds for facilities with non-integrated terminals

(In beta testing in version 134295 version - early 2023)

You can now process partial refunds for Stripe Custom payments through RGP without using the integrated Stripe Terminals.
If you have Stripe terminals please follow the flow here: Stripe Custom Partial Refunds

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  • If you are using Stripe Custom for billing and online sales through RGP, but use a non-integrated POS terminal you can follow this flow to issue a partial refund back to the card used and have it recorded on the customer record in RGP. 

1. Assign the transaction to the customer who originally purchased the product.

  • If you are refunding monthly dues for a family, you will assign the transaction to the member responsible for the family membership.
  • If you are refunding an online class booking for two people you will assign it to the customer who made the booking. 

2. Ring up the product that needs to be returned, and adjust the amount to be refunded.

3. Click Return. Then click Tender. 

4. In the Tender window you will see a new option to Refund Using Stripe. When you click Refund Using Stripe it will open the attached customer’s Invoice/Payment History

5. In the customer's Invoice and Payment History it will show all payments made through your Stripe Custom merchant account. Select the invoice you want to partially refund.

6. Once the invoice is selected click Refund on Invoice. RGP will then prompt Stripe to issue the amount specified as a refund on the card used for the original purchase. 

7. You can see the refund invoice and payment recorded on the customer's Invoice and Payment history

The remaining balance can be refunded in a separate transaction in the future, but you cannot refund more than the original invoice. For example, Katie Jones paid $274.80 for her family's membership dues in January. We refunded $60.00 of that payment. We can issue more refunds, but nothing more than the $214.80 remaining on the payment balance. If I try to refund the total original invoice, I will not be able to. If I try to refund more than the remaining refund balance, I will get an alert and will not be able to refund.  

If you need to initiate a larger refund for several months of membership dues that is more than the payment amount you can break the refund into smaller amounts and issue multiple refunds against multiple payments. Stripe does not care that the product matches the original invoice, just that the refund does not exceed the payment collected. 

If a card has been canceled or closed since the payment was made, you will need to issue the refund outside of Stripe as a cash, check, or on-account credit refund instead.


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