Accessing Your Cloud Host

Creating a New Connection Profile

To access your cloud host you need to perform the following steps on all workstations. 
Multi-location organizations need to perform these steps on all workstations at all facilities.

  1. Download and install the RGP Cloud Client
  2. Launch the Cloud Client Application
  3. Click on Show Connection Management Options and then click Add to create a new connection profile
  4. Enter the connection parameters specific to that workstation. Endpoint, PortUsername, and Password. You need to input the appropriate set of credentials on each workstation. You can find your Endpoint and Port in the RGP Cloud User Dashboard under "Facilities." Usernames and passwords are seat specific.
  5. Click the Use Authorization Service for all RGP Cloud hosts or you will get an error message
  6. Click OK
  7. Click CONNECT
    1. Personal Seats - You will be prompted to enter a 2FA code. This code will be sent to the cell phone associated with the seat. This code can only be sent to one phone.
    2. Workstation Seats - If this is your first time accessing a new set of workstation seat credentials, you will enter the one-time password you set when creating the seat. A random password will automatically be assigned after this initial connection. You will receive a message indicating this password has been updated. This new password is stored safely encrypted on the workstation and no human knows the password.




Securing and Pairing your Cloud Credentials

Your RGP Cloud credentials are secured one of two ways:

Workstation seats are secured by a random password that is assigned during your initial connection.  No human knows the password and it is stored safely and encrypted on the workstation.

Personal seats are secured by a second-factor authentication code, or 2FA (texted to your cell phone).  Personal seats can be optionally paired with a single computer to avoid the 2FA requirement.  Click Manage Security Pairing.  Once a set of credentials has been paired to a computer, connecting from that computer will no longer require a 2FA code to be entered.


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