Stripe Custom Anonymous POS Refunds

Refund Anonymous Stripe Custom Invoices through POS: 

If the invoice was rung up as an anonymous sale you will now be able to refund through the POS with the same actions. You can go to POS History and click Refund Invoice and Stripe Payment. This will return the full amount to the original payment method used for the invoice.


Or you can do a partial refund for anonymous users.

1) Assign to Anonymous.

2) Ring up items to refund – click Return.  

3) Tender Transaction

4) Select Credit Card

5) Be very careful that you select the correct invoice to refund – double check the card type used and confirm the date/time the original purchase was made.  

6) Click Refund on Invoice

7) Click OK to complete the refund

The remaining balance can be refunded in a separate transaction in the future, but you cannot refund MORE than the original invoice. If you attempt to refund more than the total original invoice, you will not be able to. You will get an alert and will not be able to refund more than the remaining "Available for Refund" amount. If you need to refund multiple transactions you'll repeat this step for each payment.





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