Refunding 3rd Party Payments After Switching to Stripe Custom


If you've recently switched to Stripe Custom from Stripe Standard and need to process a refund for a payment that was made on Stripe Standard, please scroll to the bottom of this article. 


Refunding a payment that was collected from a 3rd party (i.e. OpenEdge) after switching to Stripe Custom

After making the switch to Stripe Custom, there may be a short transitionary period where a customer needs a refund on a payment that was originally made through a third party.

For example:

- A customer was charged their monthly dues on the 1st of the month. 

- The payment was made through OpenEdge as a monthly billing payment. 

- Your facility now processes monthly billing through Stripe Custom. 

Since your database is no longer tied to your OpenEdge account and the payment was not recorded in your RGP Stripe Custom account, the payment will need to be "externally" refunded (i.e. via cash, check, Venmo, etc.). 

You will want to record it in RGP POS for accounting purposes. To do this, set up RGP POS as if you were going to refund the customer as normal. After clicking Tender, add an Optional Transaction Memo (i.e. Externally refunded via check), check the box indicating the refund is "External/Manual Credit Card Mode," and then click OK. 



Refund a Stripe Standard Payment After Switching to Stripe Custom

If you've recently switched to Stripe Custom, there may be a time period where Stripe refunds from the Stripe Standard account will need to be refunded manually through the Stripe Standard dashboard. These would typically be for deposits and/or payments for events in the future that get canceled; this should only be an issue for a few weeks during the transition time. 

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