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If you are a facility in the United States and use the RGP Stripe Custom integration your account has been enabled on the backend of the integration to process ACH payments.
(All Stripe Custom US Merchant accounts will be enabled on December 5, 2023)

This means you can begin collecting bank account information and bill EFT Members via an ACH payment vs. a Credit Card. ACH payments process at a much lower rate than credit card transactions (up to 1.8% less per transaction) - visit to see your ACH rates vs. your Credit Card rates. 

RGP Billing ACH Settings:

To turn on ACH Billing in your RGP Database to store ACH bank details, navigate to Data Entry - Manage - Settings - Payments and Billing tab, and where it says Billing ACH/Draft select Stripe ACH.

Please note if your database has ACHWorks already listed there you will need to reach out to to receive instructions on how to switch your stored ACH billing methods to Stripe.

Once Stripe ACH is selected you can begin collecting bank account information in-person and online via your member change request form and online membership sales. 

Staff View Adding Bank Account Information 

Member Change Request Form

Online Membership Sale when Bank Account is selected


FAQ Stripe ACH:

  • ACH Authorization: With Stripe ACH bank accounts added to customers' accounts are automatically verified/authorized and can be billed the same day the details are collected.

  • ACH Payouts: Stripe ACH Payments settle and arrive in payouts in 4 business days.

  • Billing ACH Customers: Stripe ACH payments process like credit cards and RGP communicates to Stripe to create each payment intent. However, you will need to Bill All ACH Customers separately from Credit Cards as it's a separate billing event. If you use the automated billing or billing launch make sure Bill ACH is selected. You can do multiple ACH Billing events each day with Stripe ACH if needed.

  • ACH Responses: Pending ACH Payments will be listed individually in the ACH Response window. This means you can see that customer John Smith's ACH payment is still pending if he has any questions. Important: Select the checkbox to automatically download ACH Responses as part of RGP Daily Maintenance. Enter your email if you'd like to receive the automated emails from RGP when a payout moves from Pending to Completed with the total amount collected/

  • ACH Reconciliation: The ACH payments will be lumped together with your other Stripe payments/payouts. So a deposit that includes the ACH billing payouts would be from ACH payments charged 4 business days ago, and credit cards that were charged 2 business days ago.

    To help account for this in reconciling these payments we have new tools to adjust your journal entry reports that will help reconcile payments from RGP to Payouts from Stripe. Check out this support article: Reconciling Your Stripe Custom Payouts

    Also, in Data Entry - Reporting - General Reports - Stripe Payout Reconciliation by Payout Report will show all payments from RGP included in a specific payout and have it broken down by Credit Card and ACH payments.

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