Partial Refunds for Multigym Remote Customer

When a multigym facility has a remote customer pays at the POS at a remote facility, RGP assigns that transaction to a special customer _POS,_REMOTE. If a remote customer needs a partial refund the typical partial refund workflow is not possible. 

Here is a different workflow to do a partial refund on a remote customer in a multigym environment.

From the facility where they bought the items (the customer’s remote facility)

  1. In the POS ring up the item and mark it as a return. Click Tender.
  2. Click Invoice Account (only works for billed members, if they are a Guest click Edit Customer and check the Manually Billed box on their EFT/Billing tab). 

  3. Go to Data Entry, search the remote customer double click to go to their invoices and payments. Their Invoice and Payment History will then have a credit balance shown.

  4. Click new payment to make a payment on the credit, and select Credit Card.
  5. That will open a list of payments they made at your (remote) facility is shown, pick the one to mark a partial refund against


Note: this all works, but will look a bit confusing. This is because the charge account at step 2 and the remote ‘payment’ at step 5 will both generate remote invoices (remote invoice and remote settlement) back to the customer’s home facility, but they reverse themselves, so it all balances out.

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