RGP Tools for ACH Billing Adoption


Over the last few years, credit card brands have routinely increased their processing fees, affecting RGP's integrated payment processors. However, ACH/direct-debit billing costs have not experienced the same rate increases. Due to this, the payment and climbing industry is shifting towards greater adoption of ACH-billed memberships.

With the addition of Stripe ACH on the RGP Stripe Integration platform all facilities in the United States using Stripe Custom now can process ACH payments easily at a much lower rate. If you are a facility outside of the United States you do have the option to use a non-integrated mock/simulated direct debit flow outside of Stripe.

RGP has several tools to help drive ACH adoption in your membership base; these tools can be used with Stripe ACH as well as non-integrated direct debit flows. 


CC Surcharge Feature: Rock Gym Pro offers a feature allowing facilities to pass through a credit card surcharge fee to monthly EFT memberships paid with a credit card. Please be aware of restrictions on credit card surcharges in some states/countries. 


Online Membership Sales: Some facilities choose to exclusively accept ACH billing details for online membership sales. RGP's online membership sale configuration can be customized to offer ACH bank details for future billing, encouraging customers to choose bank accounts over credit cards. 


Credit Card Exceptions: In cases where customers don't have a bank account, gym staff can provide a separate online membership sale URL, not publicly available on the website, which does offer a credit card sign-up option. Alternatively, they can set up membership in person with a credit card during their next visit. 

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